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Reviews for Rate Me Red

From Science Fiction and other Oddysseys

“On one level, this book is a light-hearted story of Gordy’s misadventures in a strange world. Yet it is also a satire of our cultural obsession with reality television, consumerism and image. It made for a surprisingly effective novel on both levels.”

“This is a tough book to categorize and may not initially appeal to regular readers of science fiction and fantasy. However, I found it just as action-packed as a traditional space opera or sword and sorcery novel. The concept, characters, plot and writing all worked to make it a riveting experience. I’m not sure what else to even compare it to, except to say that I’m glad I read it, and I think it would appeal to pop culture’s fans and critics alike.”

From Sci Fi Gene:

“Rate Me Red is bursting with ideas, from the ghetto-bound Blue underclass and mythical Purple untouchables to the pathetically intellectual Rejectionists.”

“The dialogue is particularly funny and well written, and the novel as a whole has a great pace. ”

From The Pen and Muse:

“If you are looking for a book that combines, love, humor, and science fiction then look no further then Rate Me Red. Chevat pictures a world where all the major social media networks have combined into what’s called the VidNet.  Although it’s a great read and very humorous at times, it does make me a bit scared that social media is going to be the norm and will take over how we see things. Those who love humor, tech, and science fiction will really enjoy this read.”


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