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A Rate Me Red Glossary

ad n a Blue who is a member of an unauthorized endorsement society or an ad gang.

anti-primate adj morally wrong, offensive or unacceptable

azureaid n a financial assistance program for primates with a rating of any shade of blue

ape n (slang) an affectionate greeting for another primate

bugged adj awful or unfortunate

chromo change n a rise or fall in the color rating system

chromo fall n a precipitous decline in ratings

multipod n a computer-controlled transportation device designed to hold several primates at the same time

pimptastic adj wonderful, fantastic, awesome. Going to the mall is a pimptastic experience.

plug v to force a primate to endorse a product without compensation (also, getting plugged)

pod n a computer-controlled transportation device

power rating n every primate in VidNet Society has a power rating assigned by  the VidRateNet computers. The ratings are on a scale of purple to red, with red being the highest. The ratings are based on a complex algorithm that factors in popularity, audience number and wealth along with a significant random variable.

primate n an individual

Rejectionist n a member of a the Society of Rejection, an organization whose members refrain from what they believe are the materialistic excesses of VidNet society. Closely related to Refusist and Simplificator

verd n (slang) a derogatory term for a primate who is socially inept and unvidworthy

vid 1. n an entertainment product available on the VidNet 2. v the act of watching an entertainment product on the VidNet 3. n a representation of a primate, either reality-based or computer generated, that appears on a VidNet screen 4. n a screen, either physical or holographic, for viewing the VidNet (Gordy vidded his vid on the large vid in his vid room.) 5.  n abbreviated name for the VidNet, as in, “See you on the vid.”  6. v to understand something as in, “I vid that.”

vidacious. adj a term of praise meaning variously: beautiful (Poppy was looking particularly vidacious.); trendy (Poppy’s dress was very vidacious.); awe-inspiring (Poppy’s rise to the top was truly vidacious.)

VidNet n the worldwide, high speed communications network available everywhere, at all times.

VidNet society n (also: spectrum society) the global culture based on VidRateNet power ratings

VidRateNet n the worldwide corporation that rates all consumer products and all consumers.

vidworthy adj of sufficient entertainment value to achieve high ratings on the VidNet.